George Golf Club

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George Golf Club

Nestled away in the foothills of the magnificent Outeniqua mountain range, lies the beautiful natural parkland known as George Golf Club. Charles Molteno Murry designed the original course in 1931 and in 1993 Phillip Basson upgraded it into a course that for the last 8 years has been rated in the top 10 golf courses in South Africa.

George Golf Club has over the years hosted many top S.A.G.A. Tournaments and recently hosted the SA Amateur Championships.

The undulating, densely wooded course is an established favourite with the local market because of it's scenic setting and memorable layout. The course feels as if it has been carved out of a forest but the fairways are a generous width, so only wayward shots end up in the trees. The perfect setting for holiday golf.

Course Guide

Hole One - Par 4, 316 meters

This deceptively difficult and very picturesque opening hole has a dam on the left and trees on the right which all come into play. A well placed bunker makes the approach shot to this green fairly difficult.

Hole Two - Par 5, 531 meters

This mammoth par 5 starts off with a tricky tee shot through a couple of large trees onto a fairway, which doglegs to the left. Don't be surprised to be hitting in a longer iron for your third shot.

Hole Three - Par 4, 375 meters

A well-placed drive is imperative on this hole, as the green is guarded on the right side by large trees and on the left front by a strategically placed buker. The undulating green allows for some interesting pin placements.

Hole Four - Par 4, 324 meters

This hole is a short par 4 on any day. The signature feature on this hole is the bunkers on the left and right sides of the fairway, as these bunkers are in play for most golfers. Use of a long iron or fairway wood is often the best option for your drive on this hole.

Hole Five - Par 4, 333 meters

Some very pretty trees on the right hand side of the fairway are the only real obstacles on this hole. A drive down the left of the fairway will leave you an open shot to this large par 4 green.

Hole Six - Par 3, 158 meters

This is the only par 3 on the front nine. The large bunker on the left of the green and a mound on the right, means that missing this green will normally end in dropping at least one shot to par.

Hole Seven - Par 4, 412 meters

This par 4 dogleg right has a well-earned stroke 1 rating. The view of the mountain will test your concentration, so be sure to finish the hole before you stop to stand and look in awe of this hole's beautiful setting.

Hole Eight - Par 4, 307 meters

The way to play this hole is to hit a long iron or wood to the right of the dangerous left-hand bend of this hole. Some interesting trees and bunkers guard most of this green.

Hole Nine - Par 4, 373 meters

This par 4 is one of the most intimidating driving holes on the course. However, if you miss the wall of trees on your right and the lateral hazard on your left with your drive, the approach shot to the green is very straightforward.

Hole Ten - Par 4, 351 meters

The first hole on the back nine is characterised by large trees guarding the left and right sides of the fairway. The out of bounds fence only really comes into play at the green where a shot pulled to the left of the green will often end up out of bounds.

Hole Eleven - Par 5, 490 meters

A good tee shot on this par 5 will leave you with a straightforward approach to the green. All golfers must however be aware of the out of bounds fence running down the entire length of the left hand side of the hole. This fence separates the golf course form the King George Protea Hotel.

Hole Twelve - Par 4, 326 meters

The drive down this hole will always feed from left to right, so a drive on the left of the fairway will keep you well away from the dangerous trees on the right. If you can, you may want to ask a local golfer for some tips on how the green breaks, because it can be confusing.

Hole Thirteen - Par 3, 144 meters

This is the first of the three par 3's on the back nine. This is the shortest of all par 3's on the golf course, it has been known to be one of the most difficult. With all the slopes on this green, getting the pace and direction correct is crucial.

Hole Fourteen - Par 5, 459 meters

The trick to making a good score on this hole is to keep your drive well right. Large trees on the left tend to hide most of the green if your drive finds the middle or left hand side of the fairway. Long hitters do tend to hit this par 5 green in two quite regularly.

Hole Fifteen - Par 3, 166 meters

This amazing par 3 has an elevated tee down to a large green. This corner of the course is peaceful and quiet, so take some time to reflect on the beauty that this course has to offer, and try to forget about some of those bad shots you may have played up to now. Eagle opportunity.

Hole Sixteen - Par 5, 468 meters

This is the third and last par 5 you will play on the back nine. The hole has a bunker on the right of the fairway, which is well positioned to catch any golfer trying to cut the corner. A bunker also guards the front of the green, so laying up for your second shot is normally a better option.

Hole Seventeen - Par 3, 181 meters

Finally you've got to the signature hole on the golf course. The par 3 has always been regarded as one of the best par 3's in the world. It's a long par 3 that leaves you no room for error and is therefore rated as the second most difficult hole on the back nine. This hole rated as one of the top 500 in the world, as well as the best par 3 in South Africa.

Hole Eighteen - Par 4, 388 meters

18 is the most difficult hole on the back nine. It has a large dam and thick bush on the left of the fairway, and the fairway feeds towards these hazards. Your approach shot down to the green has to be well positioned, because if you hit your ball right of the green, you could find yourself hitting out of what the locals so proudly call "the snake pit". Bobby Locke's best two finishing holes in South Africa.

Course details

Number of holes: 18
Length: 6012 metres
Par: 72
Course type: Parkland

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    Courtesy George Golf Club